Beach activities are an integral part of the Festival experience for Fellows. Fellows enjoy opportunities to perform for a variety of audiences. Festival friendships often last a lifetime. Fellows take a break from orchestra rehearsal. Santa Barbara's beautiful coastline offers many options for play.

Academy Experience

Live Well, Perform Well

It's not all about music at the Music Academy of the West. The on-stage and off-stage experiences are both of the highest performance. At the Academy, Fellows are invested in personally and professionally and thus participate in a variety of wellness programs, community engagement, and recreational activities throughout the summer. Read more »

A Day in the life of a Music Academy Fellow

The Music Academy supplements its intensive musical training program with extracurricular activities and an innovative wellness curriculum. Our goal is to provide Fellows with the tools to maintain a balanced lifestyle as they pursue careers as musicians. Read more »

Click HERE for a sample weekly schedule.

Campus and Housing

The typical weekday for Fellows starts at Westmont College, our residential campus. After breakfast, it’s off to the Music Academy or the Granada Theatre via buses for the instrumentalists and solo and collaborative pianists. Read more »

Compeer Program

The Music Academy's unique Compeer Program fosters individual support for Academy Fellows. Compeers are patrons who volunteer their time for one-on-one friendships with Academy Fellows throughout the summer season. Read more »