Music Academy Alumni

Music Academy alumni number nearly 7,000. A veritable "who's who" in the world of classical music, Academy alumni perform around the globe as soloists and in major symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, ensembles, and opera companies. Many teach at prestigious universities and conservatories.

Noted Alumni

  • Cynthia Phelps ()Cynthia Phelps ('79,'83)
  • Donald McInnes ()Donald McInnes ('54,'55,'56)
  • Thomas Hampson ()Thomas Hampson ('78,'79)
  • Marilyn Horne ()Marilyn Horne ('53)
  • Speranza Scappucci ()Speranza Scappucci ('96)
  • Joshua Roman ()Joshua Roman ('02)
  • James Newton Howard ()James Newton Howard ('67,'69)
  • Isabel Leonard ()Isabel Leonard ('05)
  • Frank Huang ()Frank Huang ('98,'99)
  • Juan Diego Florez ()Juan Diego Florez ('95)
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