Festival Life

Powerful musical instruction combines with a rich social life and wellness program in our Summer School & Festival and beyond.

My summer at the Music Academy of the West was the best summer of my life. I was pushed as a professional, as an artist, and as a human. I learned what it takes to build a successful music career. What I learned at the Music Academy will stay with me throughout my entire career, and I am eternally grateful.

— 2018 Fellow

Throughout the summer, Fellows are immersed in rich opportunities to expand repertoire and refine performance style under the personalized guidance of globally-renowned musicians.

Outside the studio, Fellows get to soak in all the beauty and recreational fun that Santa Barbara has to offer while getting to know local community members. Engaging wellness programs are also in place to help Fellows prepare to lead a balanced, fulfilling professional life.

For admissions inquiries, please email [email protected]