Chamber Music

Woodwinds and Brass

Upon arrival at the Music Academy, woodwind and brass fellows interested in participating in a chamber ensemble will meet with faculty members to select repertoire and divide into chamber groupings.


All string fellows will participate in a chamber music group while at the Music Academy. Chamber Music for strings is split into three courses of study, which applicants will order by their preference during the application process. Based on applicants’ audition and expressed interest, fellows will be placed into either the String Quartet Seminar, the Faculty Intensive Chamber Music Experience, or the Fellow Chamber Music Program:

String Quartet Seminar

Led by the Takács Quartet, the String Quartet Seminar offers sixteen string fellows comprising four string quartets a rigorous training course beginning the week prior to the Festival. Fellows in the SQS program will receive daily coachings by members of the Takács Quartet, participate in a string quartet masterclass, and watch the Takács Quartet work during an open rehearsal – all with a focus on helping fellows hone techniques vital in quartet and chamber music collaboration. The program continues with performances in Hahn Hall featuring all four quartets and additional coachings from faculty and guest artists throughout the summer. String fellows participating in this program also receive additional intensive training with the Takács Quartet when they return to the Music  Academy later in the Summer Festival.

Faculty Intensive Chamber Music Experience

This intensive experience puts a faculty member side-by-side in a chamber group with fellows. Each faculty member participating in the program will coach, rehearse with, and perform as a member of the group, culminating in a performance.

Fellow Chamber Music Program

Based on the repertoire information submitted by applicants during the admissions process, fellows participating in the Fellow Chamber Music Program will be assigned groups and repertoire based on prior chamber music experience and interest in repertoire. Each group will receive weekly coaching from a faculty member for three to four weeks before performing all or a portion of a work in a public concert and/or a public masterclass.