Pianist Theresa Kim (2006) is the Founding Director of International Music Sessions (IMS), which works to bring together young people from diverse communities – many of them on full scholarship – through their love for music. Fostering social integration while delivering a first-rate musical experience, these education programs have previously been offered as one-to-three-week summer residencies. Now, Kim’s latest project, “IMS Presents: Social Integration Workshops,” aims to achieve the same ends in a shorter time-frame, with an initial offering of five weekend workshops in the U.S. and Mexico. If these are successful, she hopes the new, shorter IMS model will lend itself to scalability and mobility, with the ultimate goal of making the IMS experience available to students all over the world.

  • Discussing new partnerships with the Panasonic Foundation and Save the Music Foundation

  • Will present west coast workshops in late winter/early spring and in New Jersey in early 2019