Jacopo & Maddalena Giacopuzzi

Solo Piano alumni & siblings in recital

Solo Piano alumni and siblings Jacopo Giacopuzzi (’13) and Maddalena Giacopuzzi (’17) share two works performed from their respective homes over 6,000 miles apart in Santa Barbara and Italy.


NIKOLAI KAPUSTIN Concert Etude Op. 40, No. 6
Jacopo Giacopuzzi piano

ALEXANDER ROSENBLATT Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Jacopo Giacopuzzi, Maddalena Giacopuzzi piano

Maddalena’s Compeers were Maurice Singer and Hyon Chough and Jacopo’s Compeers were Barbara Hill and Bill Vollero. Learn more about the impact our Compeer Program makes on our fellows during their time at the Music Academy and beyond HERE.

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