KAE NAKANO 25, was born in Tokyo, Japan.  Having a mother who sang led to Ms. Nakano spending most of her early years singing in opera choruses. At four years old, Ms. Nakano also began studying the violin. Kae Nakano played in orchestras as a teenager, then played in the 14th Music Festival Argerichi's Meeting Point in Beppu in 2012, the Pacific Music Festival in 2013, and the Saito Kinen Festival Ongaku-Juku Orchestra under Seiji Ozawa in 2014. In addition to being a finalist in several competitions, Ms. Nakano won third prize in the 2013 Romanian International Music Competition in Tokyo.  Kae Nakano is currently a master’s degree student at Manhattan School of Music, studying with Koichiro Harada and Patinka Kopec. This is her first summer at the Music Academy of the West.