QIAN HUI HO 20, born in Singapore, is an undergraduate student at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, where she studies with Man Chin Zhang. Qian Hui Ho has won numerous awards, both musical and extracurricular, including the Jellinek Award with the Guildford Symphony Orchestra; the bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards; and the Gifted Young Artists Bursary from the National Arts Council of Singapore.  In Singapore, Ms. Ho performed for the late president of Singapore, S. R. Nathan, as well as the late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Qian Hui Ho engages widely in chamber music and orchestral performances. Ms. Ho’s chamber music groups have performed in Suntory Hall, the Swiss Ambassador's house, Wimbledon Festival, Banstead Arts Festival, and many other showcase concerts. Ms. Ho is also greatly interested in working with the community and the Southeast Asian region, and worked with Cambodian musicians on Cambodian composer Him Sophy’s Bangsokol’s War Requiem (about the Pol Pot regime). Ms. Ho also collaborated with musicians from Southeast Asia during the SEAdom conference in Laos to create a unique composition that incorporated various traditional musical styles.   Qian Hui Ho worked with Alexandra Hospital last year to create music with staff members and make ward visits. Presently, Ms. Ho is working on a project teaching underprivileged children different string instruments, and is a freelance musician with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.