Maurice Singer

MAURICE SINGER joined the Music Academy Board of Directors in January 2010. Born in New York City, Mr. Singer studied English and economics at the University of Vermont and went on to hold a succession of senior management positions in the film and television industry, including president of HBO Films and senior vice president at Home Box Office, Columbia Pictures Corp., and Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. Shortly after becoming a licensed financial advisor, he founded Los Angeles-based Riviera Capital Management in 1993, an independent firm specializing in wealth management, venture capital, and initial public offering consultation. Mr. Singer is currently a founding principal at The Evergreen Advantage, a private mortgage fund based in Santa Monica with offices in Montecito. The firm has a loan portfolio of real estate throughout California. In addition to being a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the National Association of Television Broadcasters, Mr. Singer has served as a board director for Tempra Technology and Qnext Corp.

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