Summer 2019 Applicants

All selections must unaccompanied.

  1. Solo piece, concerto or sonata movement of applicant's choice
    (3 minutes maximum) *If Mozart bassoon concerto, present the first movement exposition only

  2. Mozart, Symphony No. 41 (Jupiter), Mvt 4, mm. 65-158

  3. Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade, Mvt 2, solo (no cadenzas)

  4. Ravel, Boléro, solo

Bassoonists have the option of a Live Audition or Video Upload Audition.

For Video Upload Audition applicants:

  • Upload one continuous, unedited audition video within the online application (upload one video, not separate tracks; do not stop the camera between repertoire selections)

  • Include a verbal statement at the end of your audition video answering the following question: “What do you most look forward to in your career as a performer?”