Summer 2018 Applicants

Audition selections must be unaccompanied

(in this order)                   

1.       First movement exposition from a standard concerto of the 19th or 20th century (with no cadenza). *If you choose the Sibelius Concerto, play until five bars after Reh 7—this includes the cadenza.
2.       First movement exposition of Mozart concerto No. 3 or 5 (exposition only, no cadenza)
3.       Strauss, Don Juan, first page (the beginning until 13 bars after letter C)

Violinists have the option of a Live Audition or Video Upload Audition.

For Video Upload Audition applicants:

  • Upload one continuous, unedited audition video within the online application
  • (upload one video, not separate tracks; do not stop the camera between repertoire selections). Include a verbal statement at the end of your audition video answering the following question in two minutes or less:
    “What are your goals for a summer at the Music Academy, as well as your professional goals?”