Compeer Program

Bond with bright, focused, and dedicated musicians from around the world.

I appreciated getting to share my life with someone who was so genuinely interested in helping young people succeed. The Compeer Program is one of the Music Academy’s strongest points. Not only is this a valuable life relationship, it’s also a critical skill in audience development and social interaction.

The Compeer Program has created enduring friendships, deepened the community’s appreciation for music, and fostered moral support for Academy Fellows.

This innovative and fun program unites Music Academy fellows and audience members (“Compeers”) in rewarding one-on-one friendships. Unique to the Music Academy, this extraordinary program is an integral aspect of the Festival experience for all involved and has transformed the Academy’s community for the past 20 years.

Gain insight into the lives and careers of the next generation of great classically-trained musicians. Bond with bright, focused, and dedicated musicians from around the world, offering them a supportive community and  someone to personally perform for. Become a Compeer today!

Join by contacting:   Dean Tiffany DeVries

Do not miss this great opportunity to be with talented, enthusiastic, funny, loving young people. The best 8 weeks you can imagine. I wouldn’t think of being away from Santa Barbara during the Music Academy season.

How it Works


  • Fellows do not live with Compeers. The Music Academy provides fellows with accommodations, local transportation, and meals. Compeers are not responsible to host fellows at their homes or offer financial assistance.
  • Academy fellows are matched by mutual interests with a patron (“Compeer”)
  • The Festival season begins with a celebratory Compeer Kickoff event at which fellows and Compeers are introduced
  • Compeers support and encourage fellows by attending performances, particularly the weekly masterclasses, and greet and/or congratulate fellows at their performances.
  • Compeers and fellows enjoy socializing about once per week during the Festival outside of Academy events, making connections and building genuine friendships
  • Two Compeer households have the option of “Co-Compeering” (sharing two or more fellows)
  • The Compeer Program is a benefit of membership of the Council of Contributors; members receive priority in the Compeer/fellow matching process. Women’s Auxiliary and additional patrons are invited to participate.

Compeer Alumni Updates

Compeers and fellows often build meaningful friendships that continue long after the summer, so Compeers are sometimes one of the first to hear about alumni career developments and accomplishments. Compeers are encouraged to share these exciting alumni updates, which can then be shared with the Academy community.