Compeer Program

Creating meaningful connections

2020 MARLI Cello fellow Emma Lee Zooming with Compeers Linda and Peter Beuret

Talking with several dynamic fellows the first week of MARLI was uplifting. Learning just a little about the concert programs they are creating and what they plan to bring to the world through their artistry was invigorating and inspiring. It is a honor to connect with these young artists at this special season in their professional development.

— 2020 Virtual Compeer Linda Stafford Burrows

I am absolutely blown away that a community of people that would give so much to perfect strangers even exists.

— 2020 MARLI Vocal Institute fellow, Jordan Costa

2020 Compeer Program

For over 20 years the Compeer Program has been at the heart of the Music Academy community and will continue to be a vital part of the Academy experience in 2020. Now more than ever, it is important for fellows and Compeers to connect in meaningful ways in order to enjoy their shared passion for music and its positive impact on society.

During the Music Academy Remote Learning Institute (MARLI) June 15 through July 10, 2020 Academy fellows and Compeers will transcend this season of social distancing by building friendships through weekly virtual connections, once per week, for just 15-30 minutes per video conference. These brief connections will enable fellows to experience from afar the warm and supportive culture of the Music Academy, and Compeers will enjoy getting to know our incredible musicians during what is a very transformative time in their lives and the performing arts.

The 2020 Virtual Compeer Program will also create a strong foundation for continued connections next summer. All 2020 fellows have also been invited to return in Summer 2021 for the Academy’s regular onsite season in Santa Barbara.

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I enjoyed her so much and we got to know each other wonderfully. I have found my new calling—being a Compeer.

— 2020 Virtual Compeer Roberta Grant

The Music Academy’s community experience is far superior to any other I have known, and played a major factor in my overall appreciation for and enjoyment of this past summer. I couldn’t imagine the Music Academy without having met my own as well other people’s Compeers.

— 2019 Fellow

What is involved in being a Virtual Compeer?

  • Complete a brief online Participation Formin order to submit hobbies/interests for fellow matching purposes.
  • Compeers will be matched, as usual, to one or more fellows.
  • Matching notifications will be emailed to Compeers in early June, including a fellow profile (photo and biography).
  • Compeers and fellows will connect virtually (by videoconference) once per week during MARLI, for about 30 minutes. These few hours over the course of four weeks will help Compeers and fellows get to know one another briefly, laying a strong foundation for the friendships that will continue in-person in Summer 2021, when fellows return for the regular Academy season in Santa Barbara.
  • Academy administration will help suggest meaningful and fun social interactions to be enjoyed via video call or phone call, enabling all fellows and Compeers to learn more about one another enjoy a similar community-building experience during MARLI.
  • Academy administration will offer to schedule the weekly Compeer/fellow virtual connections and can send each participant an online “meeting” invitation through in coordination with fellows’ remote learning schedule. Zoom is a very user-friendly online platform that only requires a computer with camera/mic ability, or a smartphone.
  • Compeers are also welcome to connect with fellows via phone and/or FaceTime, but are asked to limit weekly screen time/connections with fellows to no more than one hour total to help ensure fellows are able to focus on their curriculum and also balance with other personal commitments this summer.
  • Weekly connections may include opportunities such as:
    1) Fellows offer Compeers a “virtual tour” of a favorite location in the fellow’s hometown by participating in a video call from that location.
    2) Compeers offer fellows a brief “virtual tour” of a Santa Barbara attraction by taking a smartphone to that location and sharing that site via video call.
    3) Fellows and Compeers enjoy a “virtual meal” together. Compeers may order a meal delivery for their fellow(s) or ask fellows to email their favorite entrée or dessert recipe, and then enjoy eating and/or cooking together via video call.
    4) “10 Questions to Get-to-Know You:” Academy will provide a list of fun questions fellows and Compeers can both easily answer during a 30-minute conversation
  • Two Compeer households have the option of “Co-Compeering” (sharing two or more fellows).
  • The Compeer Program is a benefit of membership of the Council of Contributors; members receive priority in the Compeer/fellow matching process.
  • Women’s Auxiliary and additional patrons are also invited to participate as Compeers.
  • The Academy encourages Compeers to enjoy keeping in touch with fellows following the four weeks of MARLI.

Gain insight into the lives and careers of the next generation of great classically-trained musicians. Bond with bright, focused, and dedicated musicians from around the world, offering them a supportive community. Become a Compeer!

Learn more by contacting  Dean Tiffany DeVries

Compeer Alumni Updates

Compeers and fellows often build meaningful friendships that continue long after the summer, so Compeers are sometimes one of the first to hear about alumni career developments and accomplishments. Compeers are encouraged to share these exciting alumni updates, which can then be shared with the Academy community.