Compeer Program

Creating meaningful connections

2020 MARLI Cello fellow Emma Lee Zooming with Compeers Linda and Peter Beuret

Talking with several dynamic fellows the first week of MARLI was uplifting. Learning just a little about the concert programs they are creating and what they plan to bring to the world through their artistry was invigorating and inspiring. It is a honor to connect with these young artists at this special season in their professional development.

— 2020 Virtual Compeer Linda Stafford Burrows

It was so much fun to have my own personal cheering section at concerts! My Compeer’s genuine interest and curiosity was delightful.

— 2021 fellow

My Compeers were absolutely amazing, and I know a life-long relationship has been made from this summer. They were incredibly supportive. My summer was greatly enhanced by getting to know and spend time with them.

— 2021 fellow

2022 Compeer Program

More than just a place to learn, the Academy becomes a home away from home for our fellows, who develop lifelong friendships with other fellows and deep connections to faculty and local music supporters.

Through our special “Compeer” program, each fellow is matched with a local family or individual who shares mutual interests. Like extended family, throughout the season Compeers and fellows spend time together at Academy events, like picnics, BBQs, beach trips, and concerts, as well as in leisure time, including sightseeing and dinners.

When fellows perform, their Compeers are there, providing a familiar face in the crowd, and someone to congratulate them at the end of the show. The Music Academy does our best to ensure that, even though they may be far from home, fellows feel supported, cared for, and surrounded by friends.

For over 20 years the Compeer Program has been at the heart of the Music Academy community and will continue to be a vital part of the Academy experience in 2022. Now more than ever, it is important for fellows and Compeers to connect in meaningful ways in order to enjoy their shared passion for music and its positive impact on society.

What is involved in being a Compeer?

Learn more by contacting  Dean Tiffany DeVries

Compeer Alumni Updates

Compeers and fellows often build meaningful friendships that continue long after the summer, so Compeers are sometimes one of the first to hear about alumni career developments and accomplishments. Compeers are encouraged to share these exciting alumni updates, which can then be shared with the Academy community.