Classical Evolution/Revolution

  • $10 panel tickets, Free Admission to Fast Pitch Awards
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Music Academy of the West proudly presents its third annual

Classical Evolution / Revolution Conference

Mon, Jul 22 – Wed, Jul 24

Top artists join media leaders, creators, thinkers, and CEOs from Disney, The Kennedy Center, WQXR, and more to engage and consider the arts as the cultural fabric of society.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and be inspired by panel discussions that draw on the expertise of a distinguished roster of guest panelists and speakers.

New Fast Pitch Awards  – free and open to the general public –  will be the culminating event, giving fellows the opportunity to pitch their most innovative ideas for cash prizes.

Mon, Jul 22

The Artistic Agenda: Serving the Needs of Artists and Audiences

10 am / Lehmann Hall

The Changing Live Experience

How is the cultural experience evolving to meet demands and expectations of changing audiences? Is the art changing based on where and to whom it is presented? What are the effects on presenters and funders when artists create work outside the concert hall or the traditional venue? How does the space where art is created affect artists and audiences? What will the role of “proscenium presenting” be for artists and audiences in the future?

1:45 pm / Yzurdiaga Hall

Break Through the Noise: Tools to Create the Career You Want and Deserve

The role of the performer requires many skills in addition to making music at the highest level. It’s fundamentally about communication – communication with audiences, donors, and other musicians, both in live performance and increasingly through media tools of all kinds, from making effective videos to writing and delivering ideas live and in person. The experts advise on best practices for organizing and presenting ideas and delivering them effectively to their intended audience.

Tue, Jul 23

Owning Your Creative Life and Future

3 pm / Lehmann Hall

Evolving Musical Communities and New Ensemble Modalities

Claire Chase, flutist and founder of the International Contemporary Ensemble, leads a conversation about the changing roles and responsibilities of artists and organizations in the early part of the 21st century. Questions that will be addressed in this interactive two-hour talk include: How do we evolve as a musical community to build more equitable, inclusive, adaptive and inter-connected ensembles and organizations in the 21st century? What do these new ensemble evolutions contribute to the larger cultural ecology? How do we support one another in creating and sustaining the ensembles and organizations of the next generation in new ways?

Wed, Jul 24

Fame, Fortune and Money!

1:45 pm / Yzurdiaga Hall

Ready For Your Close Up?: An introduction to an Artist’s Life in Commercial Music

Can attendees follow a click-track, sight-read flawlessly in a single take, fluently switch musical styles on command? Musicians who chose a life working in the commercial music world require additional skills and knowledge not commonly taught or even discussed in many conservatories. Three experts – an experienced conductor/orchestrator, a composer, and a working musician – discuss what it takes to have a successful career in the studio community.

7:30 pm / Hahn Hall

Fast Pitch Awards: Win Money, Support Good Ideas and Eat Tacos!

Fellows are invited to vote for the best ideas presented during Music Academy of the West’s first annual Fast Pitch Awards. Their peers’ ideas may inspire them to start formulating their own ideas and plans for the classical music community. Their ideas can win them money, expertise, and encouragement to make those ideas a reality.

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