Tenor Benjamin Bliss (2012) is the Artistic Director of Mise-En-Scène Studios (MESS), the new opera production company he co-founded to provide a New York City home for young, world-class artists. Having produced several successful special events, MESS is already growing a predominantly young, membership-based audience. Now the company aims to develop a small, salaried ensemble of singers, to be known as the MESS Core Ensemble. The ensemble’s first five prospective singers will come together for “The Initial Ensemble Session,” or MESS: IES: a six-day retreat-style event to be held this November. Under the leadership of renowned stage director Paul Curran, the group will spend five days preparing operatic scenes for performance on the final day at a ticketed event in downtown Manhattan that will be geared towards MESS’s millennial demographic.

  • In September, MESS will host a Rosh Hashanah Hijri New Year event celebrating the rare intersection of the Jewish and Muslim New Years

  • In October, MESS will present Armistice: The Journey Home Inspired by the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI

  • In November, MESS takes an exciting leap into their operatic future with the initial outing of the Core Ensemble presenting two fully-staged opera highlights in Brooklyn, New York