Pianist Evan Shinners (2009) presents “The Bach Store”: a storefront in New York City where those walking by can see and hear musicians – some of the Academy’s distinguished alumni among them – play Bach every day, for five hours a day, over 30 days. Harnessing “pop-up” culture to bring music to the community, Shinners’ project represents a cultural re-contextualization of Bach’s music. Where surrounding stores exhort passers-by to spend, The Bach Store offers art, without admission fee or dress code, in a fully accessible meeting of youth culture and classical music. Spanning the breadth of Bach’s extensive output, repertoire will include vocal works, chamber music, and the complete works for solo violin, cello and keyboard.

  • Evan’s organization, NEW CULL INC., is now recognized as a 501(c)3 by the IRS

  • Secured a 5,000 square foot venue on 56th and Broadway to present The Bach Store during the entire month of November

  • Exploring other locations to present The Bach Store


instagram: @wtfbach