Festival Ticketing FAQs

Frequently Asked Ticketing Questions

Music Academy Ticket Office 805-969-8787

Forgotten Password

What if I forget my password?

The system will prompt you to enter your password and if you forget it, you can press a button to be sent a link to your email to create a new password.

Concert Information

Where do I see information about the concerts this summer?

Click on “Events” or the calendar icon at the top of the homepage to view events.

Subscription Seats

Do I get the same seats I had in 2019?

No, seats from previous Summer Festivals do not carry over this year. The capacity of the theatre is reduced for socially distanced seating, so everyone will choose new seats for their subscription. These seats will not be the same seats next year.

Seating Preferences

What if I want to purchase tickets with a friend?

Either purchase them on one account or call the Ticket Office for assistance.

Hahn Hall Seating

Why can’t I select my seats in Hahn Hall?

Hahn Hall is general admission this year for reduced capacity social distancing of your choice when entering the hall. The doors will be open 30 minutes prior to an event.

Ticket Delivery

When will the tickets be emailed to me?

You will receive a emailed receipt for your transaction first, then you will receive a second email with your eTickets as pdf attachments.

How to use eTickets

How do I use the eTickets when I arrive at an event?

You can show your eTicket on your phone to be scanned by an usher, or you may print the pdf out at home and bring it to be scanned.

Wrong Ticket

What if I make a mistake and purchase the wrong ticket?

Please contact the Ticket Office for assistance.

Return Ticket Donations

I purchased a ticket for an event I will not be able to attend. Can I return the ticket?

Please phone the Ticket Return Hotline at 805-565-5400 at least 24 hours prior to the event to donate your tickets back to the Academy. We will provide written acknowledgement of your tax-deductible contribution at the end of the Festival.

Community Access Tickets

When do the Community Access tickets go on sale?

Friday, June 25 at 10 am

How many Community Access tickets are there?

There are 25 tickets for every Hahn Hall event and 100 at every Granada Theatre event.

Sorting Multiple eTickets

How do I tell which eTickets are for which event?

eTickets are sorted chronologically by type of event. For example, eTickets to Clarinet Masterclasses are sorted together chronologically. You will need to open the attachment to view the eTicket.

Multiple Tickets for an Event

I purchased multiple tickets to a single event. Will I receive all of those at once?

Yes, eTickets for the same event will appear in a single file. 

Locating eTickets

I’ve lost my eTicket email… Where can I find my tickets?

All eTickets are available in your account on musicacademy.org. When signed into your account, go to “Account” and click “Print at Home Tickets” to see all your eTickets for the season in one convenient place. This is the most convenient way to locate your tickets quickly.

Granada Theatre seating

What if there are more than 2 people in my party attending an event at the Granada Theatre? Can we all sit together?

You can purchase pairs of seats near each other, but there will be one seat in between pairs of seats for social distancing.

Free Online Event Access

Why do I have to “purchase” a ticket for a free online event?

eTickets are required for access to all events.